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Default Indie VGM Suggestions?

Sorry if a thread similar to this has been posted, but recently I've been looking into indie games and have been finding some GREAT music. Some of these games generally look like they be a blast to play as well, but I know I'd honestly never get around to playing them even if I'd buy them. Go back a few years and I know I'd eat them up gameplay wise, but I've moved on and just want to focus on the music.

Anyway, here are the projects (OSTs) I'm aware off and have the music to or am in the process of acquiring:

Cave Story
- to be fair, rather old at this point, but can't help but feel it helped pave the way for future titles. I like the 3DS version's music more than the Famitracks version because I played Cave Story 3D first, but both version have merit.

Dead Cells
- while it's not in the database at the moment, this score is on CD if you buy a copy of the PS4 signature series. I'll add an entry/scans after I get it in the mail.

Hollow Knight
-finding a copy of the indie box release was kind of a pain, but worth it. Will hop on getting a physical copy of the sequel if a soundtrack is included.

-I bought a copy of the soundtrack for a friend years ago but only got around to hearing the music myself. My only pet peeve is the voice over in the game; I get why it's important to the overall aesthetic of the game, but I kind of found it grating. Maybe if different voice actor?

Shovel Knight
I'll be honest here, I like Shovel Knight's music but it's probably my least favorite of the ones I'm listing here. Not sure why....

Broken Age
Looked into this and I was rather surprised at the quality of the game itself. Musically, this is the stuff I usually don't like, but this one did manage to attract my attention regardless.

Axiom Verge
When you read about what Hip Tanaka wanted to achieve with the original Metoid soundtrack, I don't know if that game's music actually adheres to his vision to the letter. I love the original Metroid soundtrack, but something like Axiom Verge seems more in line with what he intended.

I don't really love every scrap of the Undertale OST, but the tracks I love really hit me, so it obviously did something right.

Beautiful, but kind of wish there was a physical of this that wasn't just a CD-R.

Like it, but would probably like it more if I knew the context of each piece in the game.

Can anyone else suggest any other indie or off-the-beat games to check out? Given the above (and minus Cave Story since I've known about it forever) I'm really digging the stuff I just recent ran into.
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