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Originally Posted by Aifread View Post
There's still plenty of great AAA stuff out there though. Nintendo has been putting out some pretty amazing stuff lately whether it's standard Mario and Zelda fare or the wacky punk style of Splatoon. NieR:Automata was just as incredible as the original, and Atlus and Falcom are still chugging along producing good, occasionally great music.
When it comes to Mario, I'm honestly find the newer stuff a bit disappointing. I'm not exactly sure why this is so, but I personally think I'm a little too hung up on the old Kondo tunes. However, as good as those tunes are I don't really hold them up as some holy grail or put them on a pedestal. I mean when it comes to the Mario games I played, I kind of petered out of playing the series prior to Mario 64, so I'm not very versed in the series after the initial wave of side-scrollers. I know it's somewhat of a sin to have never "played" Mario 64 (I'm guessing it would be controversial to admit I've never played beyond what the demo at department stores had in, what 1996? I didn't grow up with the 64 and went with PlayStation instead back then) but I do have the Mario 64 soundtrack and while it has it moments it didn't blow me away, but I'm guessing that's because I don't have the greatest attachment to the game. That kind of echoes what I said above. Again, I'm willing to admit that nostalgia and context are probably still too important in the scheme of things for me.

As for Zelda, I'm mostly unfamiliar with everything beyond Link To The Past. I mean I'm familiar with the original NES score and I've played Ocarina of Time on the 3DS - and while that game didn't blow me away either given I played in 2016 it's CLEAR why that game had the impact it had like Mario 64 - the music didn't gab my ear beyond a few key staples. Are any of the handheld scores on disc?

Slaptoon is something I am completely unfamiliar with. I know what the game entails gameplay wise, but musically I have no concept of what angle they take with it. I'll have to look into it. I may be wrong, but aren't the songs on that more vocal in nature? I don't know why I'm thinking that but I may be wrong.

My friend is a big fan of NieR:Automata and has purchased the DL. I've heard some of it. Seems solid but I guess until I look into it deeper I can't make a judgment call on it...

...and Falcom. I know this thread isn't specifically focused on them, but Falcom's quadrant of music is basically a complete unknown to me. This the the team that was behind Ys VI: The Ark of Napishtim, right? I've heard one or two pieces of music from that game years ago when a friend had it, but (and this will sound silly) but I get the impression that Falcom catalog is HUGE from the way people talk about it and I honestly don't have ANY concrete idea where to freaking start. It's kind of the same impression I get from comic book collecting at times. I don't say that to sound disingenuous but knowing just how much there is it just a bit intimidating. If you want to give me a suggestion as a starting point I would welcome it because I'm willing to check anything out in hopes I finding something new that I'd like.

Also, I don't know if this would help, but here's what I currently own in my collection:

As you can see, I have many of the "no duh" soundtrack purchases out of the way, the obvious ones everyone has and knows are good. The idea of looking into the indie stuff was to find some offbeat stuff to kind of break that up. I also have a few games I keep around for the Redbook audio, but obviously they're not in that list since they're not in the database.

Anyway, I don't share that link in an order to boast (I mean that's a small collection compared to some) but maybe if those making suggestions in this thread see what I already have maybe they can suggest something I might like off of something I already have?
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