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Default COCC-13932~3: Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman MUSIC COLLECTION

There's a mistake about the credits of the song Brother Blood/ブラザーブラッド (Instrumental Version) on Disc 1, Track 16.
Yasuo Kosugi is credited as composer and Katsunori Ishida as arranger on the case back.

But for the vocal/karaoke versions of this song, the credits are completely different: Takeshi Ike is the composer, and Akihiko Yoshida the arranger. I saw it on other Fiveman's albums (Hit Song Collection and Complete Song Collection).
Then Anison, Japanese Wikipedia and Wikia give well too Takeshi Ike as composer, and Akihiko Yoshida as arranger for this song:

JASRAC gives too one version of this song and credits Takeshi Ike as composer:

It's not possible that the composer AND the arranger are completely different for the instrumental version of the song. At least Takeshi Ike should have been credited as composer. They had to confuse the credits with those of the song Hand in Hand/ハンド・イン・ハンド or the song Super Arthur/スーパー・アーサー, which have well Yasuo Kosugi and Katsunori Ishida as composer and arranger.

So I credited well Takeshi Ike and Akihiko Yoshida for the track 16 on the disc 1 on the album page.
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