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Something else: I prefer ~Gekka no Nocturne~ because it's written in the scans and other CV titles follow that wording (Akatsuki no Minuet, Byakuya no Concerto).

I don't think "Nocturne in the Moonlight" being in the staff roll means much - it's all in English so they just translated the title to go with it (they also left out the "Akumajo" part anyway), I'd treat it as any other CV fan translation. Not saying it can't be used as the display title, since it's so well known and all - just that it shouldn't be favored because of that. Just imagine they'd have translated it as "Moonlight of the Nocturne"; that title wouldn't be more valid than others.

While we are at it other CV albums aren't very standarized. Ex: CV Aria of Sorrow (western), AD Gallery of Labyrinth (jp official), AD Apocalypse (fan translation).
This album and others usually have this, in different orders:
- jp name ~official subtitle~ (sometimes jp+eng, ex gekka no nocturne)
- jp name ~romanized subtitle~ (gekka no yasokyoku)
- jp name ~(fan) translated subtitle~ (nocturne in the moonlight)
- western name
I say we pick a title order from the results here and extend it to other CV albums. (that'd mean adding/keeping fan translations to other albums when needed if "nocturne in the moonlight" is chosen here).
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