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I'm bumping this because I just got a new scanner (haven't set it up yet) and would like some input on how I do things for my usual scans.

I typically scan stuff at 600 DPI with the Descreen option turned on if the scanner supports it. Then, I resize the stuff to 300 DPI. This creates an image around 700 pixels tall and wide, good enough for a small cover display.

I can never get the scans straight either, but that's easily corrected in Photoshop by using the Measure tool (it looks like a ruler.) Just click on an edge of the book, then hold the mouse down and unclick where you want the line to end. Use your mouse to move the beginning and end of the lines to wherever you want, then go to Image / Rotate Canvas / Arbitrary. The box will have the right angle to correct the scans so they're straight.

My main issue for the past ten years has been color and brightness / contrast balance... so does anyone have any advice on that?

(And in case anyone is curious, everything that I have on CD on this list will eventually be scanned. Plus all the stuff I -don't- have listed there.)

Edit: By the way, I really suggest avoiding those scanners that scan with blue (LCD) light. They're horrible for scanning if the item is just a bit uneven. White light scanners will still scan nicely, even if a bit is slightly raised off the glass. Sadly the LCD ones are much cheaper than the white light ones... so...

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