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It's not so simple, lossless encodings have its variants: 44.1 kHz freq with 16 bit precision is the most common one, but there are even more... how to say... lossless versions (96 or 192 kHz with 24 bit precision, even 44.1/48 kHz with 24 bit).
Lossy encodings are more diverse: complete cutoff for mp3 at variable bitrate v0 setting starts at 19.5 kHz, for constant bitrate at 320 kbps it's 20.5 kHz... cbr at 128 kbps at 16 kHz... Compression artifacts (but not complete cutoff) is most of the time present from 16 kHz and above... AAC codec with LC (low complexity) if set to highest quality can produce no visible cutoff with very little artifacts... OGG also has very, very little artifacts if set to q10 parameter (500 kbps) and so on...
The database isn't ready yet for that kind of details (I think).
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