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Originally Posted by Efendija View Post
complete cutoff for mp3 at variable bitrate v0 setting starts at 19.5 kHz
Slightly off the original topic now (forgive me), but I just wanted to clarify something: in the most recent stable build of LAME, 3.99 (excluding betas and whatnot), when encoding with VBR V -0, the lowpass filter is disabled, right? I encode with LAME 3.99 and I use to do 320kbps, and got a message about the lowpass filter working at about 20.5 KHz, like you said. However, now I use VBR -V 0, and I get a message saying the lowpass filter was disabled.

Back on topic now, as much as I like technical stuff, I don't think the database is ready for this kind of information, nor do I think it even has much of a place here. And, much of this information isn't discernible anyway, for some of the reasons Efendija listed. Going with your second suggestion, we're basically doing that right now with the media type field (CD, DVD, Digital, etc).
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