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Originally Posted by nextday View Post
Here's something interesting: Taku Iwasaki will be scoring Part 2 of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure, replacing Hayato Matsuo. Lotus Juice confirmed that he will be performing on two tracks.

I have mixed feelings about Iwasaki's recent soundtracks but I'll still hope for something nice. Part 2 starts on episode 10 (airs December 8).
Any info it it was planed from start?
Matsuo produced some outstanding work.
I really like Taku Iwasaki music and if could write something like from Katanagatari it would be great. I think Iwasaki has some great talent for strings writing - so deep and emotional music there.
If he won´t be pushed to compose some electronica-rap-techno music(i can´t imagine that myself because of nature of show) and if he will write only for orchestra there will be certainly some excellent music.
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