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Read some more bits about Aku no Hana and the animation technique really seems to employ rotoscoping. Gives some very distinct visuals -- not for everyone I guess, but at least they try something different.

Also watched ep2 of Suisei no Gargantia. Music and story continues to be great. This is one of the few shows which really has this immersive effect. When the episode ended I was like: "WTF, it is over already?" -- if this were a book, I'd probably read it in one session

I probably also like it since it shares some similarity with Full Metal Panic! on the mecha level (relationship between pilot and mecha AI).

Then I gave Shingeki no Kyojin a try. But it's probably going to stay a try. First ep already put me off. The brat is extremely annoying and I have this general feeling that it's going to be a lot of this "exaggerated" drama -- something which I can't connect to. Also the music didn't strike me as particularly interesting (sorry nextday!).
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