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Originally Posted by GoldfishX View Post
Can't say I'm the largest fan of this score, but Taflon by the Sea, Foliate Seas by the Lake and Old Man's Rainbow Shop are longtime favorites from my time with the game. Yes, I was actually still doing a bit of tape recording from the TV back in 1998.

I was actually quite happy to settle for an SM version of the soundtrack. It's pretty rare. I'm glad to see the value of the game has skyrocketed. I can probably get $200 for it nowadays. But I might want to replay it someday...
Yeah, this album doesn't seem to enjoy a lot of appeal (actually I never encountered any aside from one single post in this thread), but it's one of my favorite scores so I would love to hear those extra tracks.

But I don't think this album is rare nor sought after, or where you talking about the SM version?

Anyway, nice to see a thread dedicated to this album, even if there is hardly any talk of the music itself. ^_^
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