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Kazakh city choir seems to be really in Russian:

And for the ‘Kazakh City’ zone I wanted to create music to represent the oppressed people of Kazakh. For inspiration, I studied the former Kazakhstan’s national anthem and once I had the tune worked out, I had my good friend, Victor Chaga translate the text into Russian (his native language). Then I recorded the tune with singing and chanting like a Russian make choir. The whole process of creating music for that zone was quite fun.

Whole interview here:

Originally Posted by Foxhack View Post
Oh, since I realized we have the original composer for Strider in the database, I went ahead and added him as a featured composer since some of the songs use arranged portions of the original game's music (most notably the first track.) And since Mollo's primarily a music arranger, I put him there as well.
Just a little more info about this, Mollo specifies (in this other interview) which tracks are arrangements:

We decided early on that it would be a good idea to re-arrange some of the classic Strider tunes for the game and we spent a good deal of time listening thru Strider's back catalog of material to hand pick certain tunes. Of course we had to use "Raid." That was the first one we all agreed on. We also decided to include "Coup," "Mass Cloud," "Armed Fortress," "Egypt," "Siberian Tunnel", and the original "Kazakh Theme." We thought those tunes were the most iconic and best suited to accompany Strider as he enters the modern day. The remainder of the material consists of original tracks that I composed for the game.
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