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Originally Posted by Vinphonic View Post
- Ys
- Kirby
- Kid Icarus
Ys has been orchestrated a billion times, unless you're thinking of games outside of Ys I & II. III and V each had "electric" orchestra albums but nothing with live instruments to my knowledge (save for "Wanderers from Ys" on Falcom Neo Classic). Honestly I think V would be best-suited to orchestra of all the games, but that's sort of a black sheep among fans because of the different direction the music took (I still love it though) and remains the only Ys story yet to be released worldwide in some form or another. I could see Ys VI or Seven working as well.

Kirby just got a 25th anniversary orchestra treatment last year and I don't think HAL would appreciate a "competing" album so soon after.

I don't really see the point in Kid Icarus. The original NES title didn't have a huge amount of music on it and a lot of Uprising is already orchestrated. New arrangements would of course be nice, but I'd rather see games that haven't been orchestrated before.

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