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Originally Posted by dancey View Post
I assume you have gauged interest with Japanese users in the same fashion as here? I am curious what their thoughts and ideas are. Do you know a general fundraising goal of what would determine whether a project can be successful or not? From a western perspective we don’t have all that much insight into that with the exception of the Tommy Tallarico Video Games Live kickstarted
Dear dancey
Being an American company, VGM Classics wanted to ask an English-based community for ideas first. So, I did it here.
In Japan, I announced the idea etc through my personal twitter and that all so far. The company wants to wait little bit until they get the Japanese office info sorted etc. I think it will take a few more days.

A general fundraising goal of an orchestral CD album project would be $40,000. As it is stated on the company's site, the company will do all-or-nothing fundraising to be fair, of course. If this amount is met, the album will be recorded and a CD and digital audio files will be published. Since the company decided to go on-demand route, there will not be out-of-print CD...
Comparing to Video Game Live, the fundraising goal is significantly lower, and this is possible because VGM Classics, as a recording label, doesn't plan to do a live concert, and the company was set up in a way that its operating cost is very low and don't have to include that part, other management and non-musical cost into fundraising.

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