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Dear Vinphonic
Thank you, the company and I will look into all the organizations you've suggested!

Dear TerraEpon
I am sure that some pieces would make sense as stand-alones. We do need to decide one way or the other for CD, but we are plan to give all pieces in stand-alone form for those contributed the fundraising as one of thank you gifts.

Dear Datschge and Terry93D.

Here are the updates excluded titles already listed
Baten Kaitos 1, 2
Treasure of the Rudras
Mystic Ark

Paradin's Quest 2 (Lennus 2)
Gokinjo Bouken Tai

Now, some of you have asked me why we don't do a "composer-oriented" project. Thought I briefly wrote an explanation, the company wrote Q&A on this. So here is the link.
On the related note, this is one of the reasons why Nintendo often does not put composition credits in detail.
Credits are very VERY tricky business indeed; on-screen, off-screen, cue-credit, ghost-writings, and practically-ghost-writings etc...
They are complicated, probably more than most of you imagine.

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