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And I have tremendous respect for what you are managing to realize there! As mentioned by nextday on the album discussion the turnaround time of 8 months from funding to shipment is pretty good and should help you with future endeavors, so advertise that.

Personally I wonder if it were possible to do some kind of Kickstarter without time limits, i.e. gather the amount of interests in all possible projects and only start actually working on them once a specific amount is passed. So if a project needs 3000 pledges to break even actual work on it would only start once that amount of interest is reached. (I'm aware this may make a lot of niche projects unlikely to be realized. But this way it's transparent for everybody to see which allows additional word of mouth to gather over time. And there is no danger to failure like it's with time limited Kickstarter projects where it's all or nothing which indeed can be a publicity issue.)
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