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Thanks a lot for the specifications!

Judging from what you've said it seems that (as far as the first 6 games are concerned) the MM 1-6 box is overall better than the MM Sound Box / E Can and the Mega Man X Sound Box is better than the MMX 1-6 box.

That works out pretty well for me as I already have the MM 1-6 box as well as the CDs for 7-10. Unfortunately this means that my MMX 1-6 box is outdated, but at least the Sound Box will probably still cost less than trying to get a good or new condition CD for X7 & X8. Plus, it also comes with some added goodies like the X8 promo cd and the Xtreme games' soundtracks.

Speaking of which, a little bit earlier I was reading that the original CD releases for MM 7 & 8 by TEAM Entertainment are actually inferior to those of the Sound Box, is that true? If so maybe I'm best off getting the Sound Box anyway and just selling my CDs for 7-10.
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