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Default Shinsekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan (#1076)

This is the entry for the collective group of SNK's composers. Like the Konami Kukeiha Club, they were often just credited as a whole instead of individually. The artist page currently has six different aliases (seven counting the name it's currently assigned) spread across 97 albums, so I have no bloody idea how many of these are "correct."

So I investigated.

First off, a look at some of the names I've seen around:
  • 新世界楽曲雑技団 - the original Japanese
  • Shin Sekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan - straight Romanization; "Shinsekai" as one word is also pretty common
  • New World Music Performance Group - translation
  • Neo Geo Music Performance Group - "New World," "Neo Geo," get it?
  • SNK Shin Sekai Gakkyoku Zatsugidan, SNK New World Music Performance Group, etc. - some of these have "SNK" at the front
  • New World Music Group & The New World Music Performance Group - these aren't common, but there are a couple of albums tagged with these names
  • SNK Sound Team - found on some older albums

Here are all the English names I've found through album scans:

SNK Sound Team
PCCB-00046, PCCB-00062, PCCB-00076, PCCB-00132

PCCB-00174, PCCB-00223

Aaaaaaand, that's it. Everything else is either in Japanese or not present in the scans we've got. Regarding some of the names starting with "SNK," just about every album had "SNK 新世界楽曲雑技団" on the spine, but "新世界楽曲雑技団" on the front, back, booklet, etc., so I'd say leave the "SNK" off. There's no reason for most of these aliases to exist.

I see two ways to go:
  1. Go with some Romanization as the main name for everything except the four "SNK Sound Team" albums.
  2. Go with some translation as the main name for everything except for the four "SNK Sound Team" and two "SHINSEKAIGAKKYOKUZATSUGIDAN" albums.

I would go with the first, since that's actually what's appeared on the albums. The question there is whether to use "Shinsekai" or "Shin Sekai." I'd go with "Shin Sekai" because it's not referring to the place (I don't think), but "Shinsekai" is definitely more commonly found. I don't have a problem with translation, and I'd favor "Neo Geo" over "New World" as a reference to the console, although that's written as "ネオジオ" instead of "新世界."

I wanted some feedback instead of just going ahead and changing it, since it's a pretty big change.
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