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Originally Posted by CHz View Post
Another ex-SNK dudester joined GE-ON-DAN: Yasuhiro Naka (中康洋).
Excellent, another one down. Actually, the last game should be SS64 2/Asura Zanmaden (there are two games called Warriors Rage in the west...) so:
Samurai Spirits 2 Asura Zanmaden / Samurai Shodown Warriors Rage
- SOUND COMPOSE AND SOUND EFFECT: IMO♪, Jojouha Kitapy, Yassun, Asshy

Plus I didn't check Wild Ambition myself (just used mobygames or such, marked with a *) so they may be incomplete, time to hit Niconico for the credits...

Let's hope GE-ON-DAN keeps adding more SNK people (I'm pretty curious about Kitapy myself)

Originally Posted by kyubihanyou View Post
My money's on SHA-V
Nah, SHA-V's name was confirmed already, and Yassun and Asshy did work together. It has to be Yassun.
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