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Originally Posted by Dag View Post
I was thinking the "remix" type looks a bit out of place. It's essentially a subset of "arrange" (=music based on another), plus when a track is a 'remix' is often a personal appreciation and doesn't give much actual info to the users. I'd rather stick the more general "arrange".

For example why is this album "arrangement, remix"? Are some tracks 'more arranged' than others? Just because of its name?
The difference is a remix uses the audio from the original work, and an arrangement doesn't. That album probably contains both arranges and remixes, but I'm not expert. Remix is a relative latecomer to the category list.

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
I agree with Cedille that we could add a classification for those albums that are meant to represent the OSTs but sound different/better like FF12 or many DS OSTs. Maybe "remaster/original"?
I think this is what the Remaster category is used for.

Originally Posted by Dag View Post
Also "Sound Effect", "Voice Clip" could be combined in one like "Sounds" for conciseness. Doesn't seem there are that many cases to have them separated.
Yeah, we could do this. Voice really only applies to games anyway. Voices in an anime track would probably get filed under Drama.
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