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The SNK brigade keeps rolling into GeOnDan, although this update is not quite as exciting as the others have been. First up, there's Yasumasa Yamada: We know all about him already. Seems like most of his recent game works have just been SFX.

The other, potentially more interesting one, is Tomoko Imoto (née Kobayashi): I had no idea she used to work for SNK (I am nothing even remotely close to an SNK expert, though), but it makes sense, since she apparently married Hirotomi Imoto. The one SNK game listed is "ネオジオポケット 頂上決戦 SNK VS. CAPCOM," which I think is supposed to be SNK vs. Capcom for the NGPC (頂上決戦 最強ファイターズ SNK VS. CAPCOM). Here are the sound credits for that game:

Kitapy, Miwa, and Mitsuo all have quite a few other credits, whereas Kira and Deco have only that game, so I'd assume she's one of those two. Speculate away!
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