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Originally Posted by Vert1 View Post
Crazy Bus Title Screen Music

That's probably the wildest music in a game.
I had thought that might come up at some point...I don't know, that sounds like random notes to me, although I'll admit to have enjoyed the massively slowed down version floating around on Youtube for at least a little bit.

Originally Posted by Vert1
Ganado 1 [Resident Evil 4]

I always found this music to be very unmusical. Now that I'm listening to it again it sounds cool. It's probably cause I've been listening to Silent Hill music non-stop.
Industrial music is usually atonal, just as any piece created completely with (unpitched) percussion and/or sound effects is atonal, but that's a little different from what I was referring to above. There is plenty of atonal music in Silent Hill, though.
The chord progression just "floats" because it doesn't lead from one chord to the next in the normal manner. It could actually stop in any number of places other than the starting chord.

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