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Big thanks for compiling this list! It's pointed me to a few samples I've been looking for for quite some time.

I've got a few more samples I'm interested in finding sources for, but before that, I've got some duplicates mentioned in the thread that I've heard in other locations.

First off, the TRANSFORME sample from Spectrasonics: Distorted Reality 2 is also used in:
Myst 3: Exile track 17 - "The Airship Chasm" ( )
Uru Music track 3 - "Out of the Hive" ( )
Wave Race: Blue Storm - Lost Temple Lagoon (Stormy) ( ).

Second, Track 76 from Best Service: Voice Spectral has also made appearances in:
Cruis'n World - "Cairo Cruis'n" ( )
Parasite Eve 2 track 2.16 - "Ark" ( )
Kakuto Chojin - "Love-Hate Chant" ( )

Third, I don't know what the sample is called, but in the "DR2 Lives" demo for the same library, it uses one of the same drum loops used in Uru Music track 4 - "Badlands" ( ).

As for the ones I'm trying to find the sources for:

The filtered drum loop used in:
Wave Race: Blue Storm - Aspen Lake ( )
Castlevana: Lament of Innocence track 10 - "Dark Palace of Waterfalls" ( )

The loop with the shakers and triangle used in:
Wave Race: Blue Storm - Aspen Lake Intro ( )
Resident Evil 4 track 2.01 - "Infiltration" ( )

The guitar riff in:
Conker's Bad Fur Day track 11 - "Surf Punks" ( )
Tekken 3 Arcade track 12 - "Eddy Gordo" ( )

And finally, it's possible that this is the LULU BOY1 sample from Spectrasonics: Symphony of Voices listed under Xenosaga 2, but I don't have that library to verify. This is in reference to the vocal phrase in:
Xenosaga ep. 1 track 2.11 (or 2.22 in the second edition) - "Song of Nephilim" ( )
Xenosaga ep. 2 track 2.15 - "Nephilim" ( )
Uru Music track 14 - "Trailer Music" ( )
and it even makes an appearance in Team America: World Police, but not on the soundtrack for some reason

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