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Found one sample from Biohazard 2 (& 3!) while searching for that guitar riff in Tekken 3. I THINK I've heard it in one of the libraries I have at this point.

Biohazard 2 (Resident Evil 2)
  • "Track 54" (sample 13) from "Zero-G: Datafile 3" was used in 01 "The Beginning Of Story" (1:04)

Biohazard 3 (Resident Evil 3)
  • "Track 54" (sample 13) from "Zero-G: Datafile 3" was used in 1.26 "Coldhearted Soldier" (0:04)

I also recognize that sample at ~0:12 in "The Beginning Of Story". If anyone knows the sample, please let me know (I'm thinking it's another Zero-G library, perhaps one of the Cuckooland libs).
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