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Default Ai Yamashita (#15112)

Who on earth is this person?

Her composition "Canticle" from FF14 Before Meteor (Alphinaud's theme) (arranged by Soken) is quite striking, it reminds me of Mitsuhiro Kaneda's style. It stands out from the rest of the OST. And her two contributions to Hanjuku Hero 4: Shichinin no Hanjuku Hero are also good!

I haven't gotten to Harvest Moon: Friends of Mineral Town (GBA) and its sequel yet, or the Nintendo stuff.

This bit from the SE Music article probably explains the FF14 connection:
In 2007, Yamashita scored the Internet Explorer game Elebest developed by Square Enix subsidiary Taito. Her co-composer was Square Enix's quirky sound editor Masayoshi Soken.
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