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There are 2 ways that I think will be best:

First: remove that part of the table(td) since and likely those tabs (Albums, Artist and Labels) are more than sufficient for the users, unless you want to add something in the future below those tabs. That table consume too much space for majority of users and does not help much since we will not use much.

The first way is, move the tabs to the front of the returned query results or the opposite, move the tabs to the back of the returned query results. Also the users may get confused concerning the search tabs(the image of the tabs) since top tabs use the same Gifs / images).

The third would be compact the tabs I would not like it even if it was compacted. We would lose too much space below the search tabs, unless you are planning on adding something later below those search tabs.

This is just an idea.

Hope it helps,

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