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Originally Posted by Gigablah View Post
Placing the tabs at the left also compacts the table a bit. I don't understand why the results table simply has to fill the entire width of the page -- column data is actually harder to read when spaced far apart. You're not "losing" any space if much of it is empty in the first place.
Personally it's not about space, just they make the results look cluttered. Before, album titles (the main result for me) were aligned to the left so I'd just glance the results. Now, closer to the center and sandwiched by the other columns look "weird". Spaced column data is harder to read when you have several of columns and actually read them, in my case I rarely look at the catalog or date.

I also wonder if such multi tabs are really that needed in the left all the time. I use the quick search to find albums, for artists or labels the dropdown list or the advanced search works fine. Just like the ubiquitous "Feedback" button, are there that many suggestions that the button is needed all the time? The search results haven't changed since forever, with new stuff the less intrusive and different the better, imo.

Just my two cents, I realize more options is always useful though I favor "less is more", it's minor stuff I know.
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