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Here is a table that illustrates Metroid's and Gigablah's point. This table uses the standard / default Height x Width that TV & Media Companies / industries are most selling which is 1280x1024, 17 inch monitors. I don't want to go over this because I do not want to complicate things as the resolution is not dependent of the monitor size.

My point is to protect the general audience, no matter what kind of device they are using, being a mobile or a huge wide-screen monitor, mobile users may feel slightly uneasy about the service as that table takes too much space, my point is to make that filter table optional or make it a standard / default feature with an optional button or tick box to disable it for members.

Gigablah's has a point as it is understood that the space between the Album title and the release date is enormous. He also has a point about adding the filter tabs on the left side as it compacts the table a bit, I mean it removes 150px of blank space between the Album title and the release date. He also has a point on adding it to the left side as it is the first thing that the end user will look at it. So it is important that the feature stays there as he will add more tabs to fill the gaps in the future..

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