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Yeah, we had a discussion about this in one of the album threads. The question was whether we are replacing all spaces with dashes, or whether we were more selective about it.

This big examples are KICA, NACL, and AZCA. None of these publishers use hyphens on the Obi, and in some cases (King Records example), they don't use them when the catalog number is printed on the back. Based on these examples, we decided that we were following the formatting based on the official website, which in all these cases includes a dash instead of a space.

However, the Konamistyle releases seem to be an exception. The official site just simply deletes the space instead of replacing it with anything.

One caveat: if most other sites use a different form of the catalog numbers, whether that be hyphenated or not, then our album pages won't come up in the searches, unless we start listing permutations of catalog numbers.
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