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Yes, I have seen that, but I don't know what you are playing Aceite to delete my edits. It's not like you want here on VGMdb.

- First, PANAM is the label and NIPPON CROWN Co.,Ltd. the manufacturer.

- You don't have to repeat the songs titles in the notes, the tracklist already says that. Instead you must indicate the song category (opening theme, ending, insert song...).

- Animenewsnetwork indicates that the song in track 9 is the ending theme from the episode 2, that's why I indicate "Be-Bop-Highschool 2" too is the product represented. Maybe it's too an insert song in the episode 4, I don't know.

- repeating the track numbers several times with the credits and making the category "Musicians" several times in the notes creates confusion in those notes. I think the notes must be edited again, because it's the mess for now.

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