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Yes, you have removed several of my edits and put yours back, look in the box "Show History" when you edit an album.
Well it doesn't matter if it wasn't intentional, let's forget that

That said you do a good job at first submissions, because there are a lot of rules to know on VGMdb.
You edited the notes, it looks better like that
However, maybe you misunderstood me, but adding the word "Track" in brackets with the track numbers is not especially necessary.

Then are the musicians listed separately in the booklet?
If so, it's good indeed to present the credits in the notes as indicated in the album / booklet. If not, I think it can be good to put together all the credits for the same track.

Just an example:

33. Episode 4 Ending Theme
Lyrics: James Fujiki
Composition: James Fujiki
Arrangement: James Fujiki
VOCAL: James Fujiki
E. GUITAR: 山腰裕一
E. BASS: 中村茂泰
DRUMS: 藤井奏
ORGAN: 佐々木久美
SAX: 里尚宏

Otherwise, welcome here, and if you have other Be-Bop-Highschool albums in your collection, feel free to submit them

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