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Lunar, I agree with your Air Ride breakdown. Except,
Jun Ishikawa - [Kirby Air Ride Original Soundtrack #14] Forest Stage
Isn't that tune from Kirby's Adventure, making it Ando?

Shogo Sakai - [Kirby Air Ride Original Soundtrack #41] Results Screen
I think this one sounds more like Ishikawa.

Jun Ishikawa - [Kirby Air Ride Original Soundtrack #48] Huge Pillar
Jun Ishikawa - [Kirby Air Ride Original Soundtrack #54] Dense Fog Today
I'm not hearing these. Though admittedly I don't have better suggestions.

Hirokazu Ando - [Kirby Air Ride Original Soundtrack #57] Title
Do you just mean that first chord? The rest of the track, at least on the file I have, is from Sakai's Menu theme. Actually, a bunch of tracks do this, and maybe they're not supposed to?

* Revenge of Meta Knight
* Meta Knight's Theme
* Halberd Escape
* Heart of Nova
* Megaton Punch
* Staff Roll (Dan may have rearranged the parts originally composed by Jun)
All of these sound very much like Ishikawa to me.
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