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Default 5270-2: Revolutionary Girl Utena - Virtual Star Embryology (reprint)

Apparently some of the vocal track titles and lyrics were translated differently on the Nozomi release from 2011 which I've read is the more faithful of the two in terms of translations. These are the ones featured on this albulm...

Conic Absolute Egg Alshibra > Conic Absolute Egg Archibras
Transparent Period of Maturity Age > Transparent Period of Adolescence
A Round Dance - revolution (TV size) > Rondo - revolution (TV size)
The Revelation of Absolute Destiny > The Absolute Destiny Apocalypse

Note: The word "archibras" comes from the French Philosopher, Charles Fourier who predicted that as humans evolved they would developed a a powerful tail tipped with a hand-like claw called a archibras.

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