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I handled the mixing and editing this time.

I didn't send the wrong mix, I just kept the overall volume lower at first to avoid clipping, particularly during Audie's speech, which seemed unavoidable even after correction. There's only so much that can be done to repair explosive blasts in the mic. I realized later though that the sound was still much lower than the previous episodes, which is why I re-adjusted it, even if it meant distortion in some parts. The range of volume in the voice clips was so extreme and sporadic. I amplified words and tried to balance it out as best I could. There were times where a person's voice completely cut out though, where nothing could be done.

As for the Wizwars interview section, the reason I decided to go solely with your recording, Wizwars, was because your interviews were recorded (or ended up somehow) at different speeds. Audie's was a bit faster, so they couldn't be synced up in one swoop. Initially I wanted to mix the two like you had in mind, and I actually spent an hour editing out all of Audie's speech from your file before I realized it wasn't going to work. It would have meant cutting the two files into about 10 pieces each, syncing them up individually, then re-pasting them all together, as the stagger became noticeable after only a minute or two of dialogue. Besides, the difference in the sound quality between both of your recordings was so extreme, it ended up actually sounding BETTER to keep them both consistent with the same recording and same quality of sound.

- Justin Pfeiffer
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