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Originally Posted by Datschge View Post
I would make all of that be handled by the database, i.e. turn the usually alphabetical part into an enum, give separate text fields for entering the first and (if it is a multipart product) last item's number. Then showing the number in a correct way can be handled automatically, and the amount of digits (non-used filled with leading zeros) as well as choosing the separator can be made dependent on the publisher or easily changed globally.
That's a thought. You could probably make it less complicated for the submitter by just parsing the catalog number string based on who the publisher is.

Originally Posted by Cedille View Post
Do you think we ever need an instruction message like "Please don't guess the catalog number even when it's too obvious for you"? I don't think so many submitters do that, but for some smaller vendors it's certainly easy to predict what comes next, and in one of the few cases where I saw people adding the next catalog number after the same publisher's latest release but I myself couldn't find any source, it later turned out to be wrong.
I didn't know this was happening so often. Maybe we need to add "Please don't guess the catalog number for upcoming releases."
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