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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
I guess that technically we should be careful about this as well. I think that in most cases, the publisher is pretty clear, but the distributor might not be known until someone posts the Obi or Back scan.
Yeah, if I were to guess (or detect, if it sounds better) the organization behind the catalog stem, it'd be normally only the publisher, and I tend to wait for the Obi or a few websites that don't mix up the publisher and distributor, though I know anything with the SQEX and KDSD stem is linked to Sony Music Distribution once it's added (not that I have an issue with this, as the distributor info on them can't generally found on the booklet, and I also linked SuperSweep to every BSPE album according to this blog post). I still think guessing the catalog number is another thing, but it can be called double standard.

Unless we have an opportunity to discuss about this later, may I ask if there is something wrong with adding the distributor to the publisher field? I think we tend to avoid or sometimes erase that, if it's explicitly denoted as the distributor (like [distributed by...]) but it's useful if we can search albums by distributors and I think not every catalog stem belongs to only publishers.
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