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Originally Posted by Secret Squirrel View Post
You might be thinking of cases where (distributed by iTunes) was added, but the album was sold by iTunes, Amazon, and a couple others, so it wasn't clear that we would be able to differentiate in our system without having a separate album for all of those. (We've got much to discuss about digital releases, since the current system is really geared for physical releases.)
One of the cases was surely iTunes Store (and the entry was actually linked to iTunes Store), but others not. Anyway, my intention was to know if we were allowed to add Imprint/Distributor to the publisher field (which I thought wasn't so common) rather than to criticize specific edits. I'll probably edit existing entries from now on.

And yeah, I also stopped adding digital reprints for the very same reason unless there are something exclusive. It sometimes has to be a separate entry when the displayed track lengths are different from those of the physical entry.

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