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No, not from linear notes since I don't own this album. I simply did the entry since I have not seen in within the database. The composer comes off the Japanese Wiki nothing else.

According to the wiki links below they are one of the same artist, Fuyuki Tooru (冬木 透) being the alias. If you take a look at both wiki entries under that title song:えびてん_公立...83.BC.E3.83.9E andえびてん_公立海老栖川高校天悶部のディスコグラフィ

If you mouse-over on 冬木透 it will display the name being Maita Shouko (蒔田尚昊)蒔田尚昊 Since the entry doesn't exist I just used the latter name instead of the credited name shown on wiki. Which ever decision is OK with me.

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