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Default Frontier Works (#250)

Added Frontier Works internal labels. Many thanks to Phonograph for helping with the research and the actual linking.

Since it's pretty confusing, I'll try to explain how they work.
There are 5 labels (possibly more), each one with their own logo and catalog numbers. This logo is only found on the upper part of the obi side and on the spine. Nothing on the front, case back or the disc, with the exception of enclosures.
Some of these (especially alfin and M:X) have an additional distributor (usually Geneon) listed as a collaborator. Some of them were linked with Geneon as the distributor but I have removed it since it's quite incorrect to list the collaborator as the main distributor, which should be Frontier Works. For now I've left them without any distributor, but probably a new type is needed if we want to link Geneon.

This is a tentative list of the labels and their catalogs:
AFC -> alfin / Frontier Works (distro collab by Amuse Soft/Amuse Soft Entertainment)
ASBD -> alfin / Frontier Works (distributed by Amuse Soft Entertainment)

KICA by Frontier Works -> Kindle / Frontier Works (distributed by King Record Co., Ltd.)

M.F.W probably a collaboration between Frontier Works and Media Factory
MFCZ/MFXN/MFXT -> M.F.W / Frontier Works (distributed by Media Factory)
Not sure about these:

FCCT -> M:X / Frontier Works (distro collab by Pioneer/Geneon)
Except FCCT-0001~5 (Frontier Works (no label) distro collab by Pioneer)
FCCM/FCCJ/FCCC/FCCV/FCCG -> M:X / Frontier Works (distro collab by Geneon)
TOSUW/TOSCE -> M:X / Frontier Works (distributed by Geneon)
FCCP -> M:X / Frontier Works (distro collab by Pioneer/Geneon)
Or (for example AIR drama) -> Mellow Head / On The Run (distributed by Frontier Works, distro collab by Geneon)
Not sure about these:

Except gust albums (like nosurge) -> Retorno / GUST (distributed by Frontier Works)

ZIZZC -> Amnicola (distributed by Frontier Works)
AXCL -> ALUMINA RECORDS (distributed by Frontier Works)
ARIA -> Futuro Prima Studio (distributed by Frontier Works) or Tablier Communications (distributed by Frontier Works). Not to be confused with the ARIA game company, same catalog.
RTH2/ROMEO -> Tablier Communications (distributed by Frontier Works)

FFZC -> Probably Retorno / Frontier Works
TOSA -> Probably Frontier Works (no label)
HANT -> ?
WFCT -> Warner Home Video, maybe related to FW in some way?

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