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Default CALD-0005: Falcom jdk BAND 2013 Super Live in NIHONBASHI MITSUI HALL 2013.12.21 LIVE!

"Falcom JDK Band on the go"

Like Falcom's other two non-standard albums, this item was a completely blind purchase without knowing what to expect.

On the outside, it looks like a simple badge (or "button") that happens to have a standard headphone port/jack. Connect your headphone or earphone and listen to Falcom tunes anywhere, anytime. Inside the badge is flash memory and a lithium battery that can be charged using the included USB cable.

The tiny buttons on the back offers the following functions:
  • Play/pause track
  • Next track/Raise volume
  • Previous track/Lower volume
  • Equaliser (I didn't test this function but props to Falcom I guess for adding this option to this tiny device)
  • Reset settings

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