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Default Fixing the Warframe Vinyl listing

So when the Warframe soundtrack became available, I added the tracklisting/track time to the Warframe Vinyl page:

Today I rechecked and I noticed there were 2 tracklists, one with incorrect info (missing entries, wrong times, some repeated track titles) and the one I added became secondary (and was missing one of the track's lengths).

So I went to reedit it and noticed that I could readd the length to mine, and I am also not sure if simply deleting all entries in the other incorrect one would be enough to effectively delete it, or I need a mod/authority to do so.

Anyone who could help? I'd appreciate it

EDIT: Source of tracklisting. Note that it is 4 CDs (two discs, one side per disc) of 4 tracks each one, which equals 2 discs.

Bandcamp release gave me the track length as the Vynil has no note of it anywhere:

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