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Discogs users are questioning the validity of the catalog number (2090-Fall97)
Those albums were available for purchase through seasonal Super Power Supplies Catalogs from Nintendo Power magazine, and those catalog numbers seem to be constructed from their item numbers and the catalogs they appeared in. So the Super Mario 64 CD was item #2090 in the fall '97 catalog (page 11), for instance.

This strikes me as an incredibly bad way to assign catalog numbers, because it could also be 1660-Winter96 or 1060-Spring97 or 4520-Spring98 or—

If they aren't present on these albums at all, which they don't appear to be, then we should delete them.

and release date (November 1, 1996)
These seem like they're based on whichever catalog they were first available in. I have no idea how accurate the specific day and month are.
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