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Default R6016 runtime error on Google Chrome

Is there any person who have trouble with Chrome browser?
In my case, it often spit out R6016 runtime error. It says

Microsoft Visual C++ Runtime Library

Runtime Error!
Program: C:\program files (x86)\google\chrome\application\chrome.exe

- not enough space for thread data

It started to come up after I changed my OS from win7 to 10 1909, formatting and cleanly installing 1909 against any unexpected error or crush. I currently have no chrome extends that I manually installed, it is almost pure. No tries succeded to solve it.
Anyone has the solution to this problem? It comes out largely when the windows explorer is required, for example uploading images in our db or downloading a file through the browser. I also have MS Chromium Edge and it works perfectly without that problem. Should I just give up on chrome and use another chromium browser?

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