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I went ahead and translated Mr. Iwadare's answers to the interview above. So here it is again, in all English.

Q1. How did your involvement with this album begin? Do you have a connection with the producer, or did another arranger request your presence?

A. I got an email from a friend. It said, “My friend is making an arrange CD. Do you want to join?” And that’s how I got the opportunity for this job. At that time, I had no idea who else was working on the CD or what song I would be arranging. I also had absolutely no knowledge of the game “Ketsui.”

Q2. This game series is very different from your previous experiences with RPG games. Are you surprised to be arranging music for a shooting game?

A. I've worked on a number of shooter games for the Mega Drive (Sega Genesis) in the past. RPG battle themes also have many similar qualities to shooter music in my opinion. Therefore, it didn’t feel uncomfortable at all and I jumped right into this project.

Q3. Have you visited a game center to play these shooting games by CAVE? They are very difficult! Is your ability good enough to play them?

A. Unfortunately, I didn't make it out to the arcades [to hear the music from Ketsui]. I’m not very good at games to begin with, and I figured that since the song I was handling was the ending theme, it would be impossible for me to actually hear it at the arcades. Instead, I was able to get the soundtrack CD and listen to all of the songs, mine included.

Q4. In "Last Words", the aggressive synthesizer is mixed with the relaxing piano. The resulting sound is very enjoyable! Will you continue to use this style in the future?

A. Do you happen to know the Japanese tune “Koujou no Tsuki (Moon of the Ruined Castle)” performed by The Scorpions? When I started this arrange, that tune, “Moon of the Ruined Castle,” came to me immediately. I wanted to create that kind of atmosphere, and while doing trial and error, the combination of synthesizer and piano seemed to fit the best. I have no idea if I’ll continue this kind of style in the future, but if I come upon a similar song and that kind of imagery fits, I may do it again.

Q5. Thank you for the opportunity to talk together. It's fun to see you working on a variety of projects.

A. Thank you very much. In Japan, Growlanser PSP and Gyakuten Kenji DS will be released in May. Also Grandia Online and perhaps Lunar: Harmony of Silver Star in the fall. I’m also participating in various albums and events unrelated to games. Please give them a listen if you have the chance.

- Justin Pfeiffer
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