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In my opinion, any talk show is equally about the personalities as the content. If I wanted information that's straight to the point, no pointless banter or random silliness along the way, I'd read about it myself. That's what VGMdb is for.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but isn't one of the main goals of VGM Decibel to inject some personality into this site? If it takes one or two hours, so be it, but if you reduce it to reading reviews out loud, I might as well go visit Amazon. (What I'm saying is, the people who lost interest before getting to the reviews probably would prefer reading text than listening to a podcast in the first place, anyway. Maybe provide a transcript of the reviews that could double as articles attached to the individual albums? And a link saying "listen to this review in this-and-this podcast episode". Just an idea).

By the way, we have 40 subscribers and 39 recorded downloads for this podcast, as reported by Feedburner.

Edit: those statistics don't include people who download the podcasts directly, so I grabbed the logs:

103 84.07% /cast/VGMdb.003.Cave.Evac.128.mp3
26 11.06% /cast/VGMdb.002.Nice.Muscle.128.mp3
15 4.87% /cast/VGMdb.001.Preview.Podcast.128.mp3

That's a serious increase! You guys are doing pretty well.
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