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Originally Posted by Myrkul View Post
Is there a limit on the size accepted?
There isn't a limit right now, but I'd like to put a limit on the size, maybe a couple of megabytes.

I tryed to upload 5 covers at a time for a total on 8 Mb, and nothing happened when the upload was over (happened twice), but then it worked perfectly when i upped files 2 by 2 (and i did not modify anything else) ?
Yeah, I had this problem too, and I hoped it wouldn't carry over on the new server. It has something to do with the operation taking too long, so the server suspends it. I'll have to defer to Gigablah to see if there's a way around this. If not, maybe we should drop to 3 uploads at a time.

How does the database choose the cover to display for the album?
Does it choose itself "Front" or "Booklet Front" in priority ?
The first scan uploaded is assigned the "default" designation, which makes it the front. The next major piece I code will be the edit panel, which will let you change the default scan.

Suggestion: what about sorting covers alphabetically and not in the upload order as it is now ?
That sounds like a good idea. I think we'll do that.

Last question, what happens if someone else upload a different cover with the same name for the same album ? Will it overwrite it?
There's a scan id number that serves as the unique field for that record, so duplicate captions won't hurt anything.
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