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Originally Posted by Jormungand View Post
OK, I get the gist of promoting VGM but... does Aerith's Theme really deserve a place next to the classics? Is its likelihood for grabbing votes a good reason to champion it over far superior orchestral work from the genre? Sugiyama? Tanaka? Kanno? Hamauzu?

I guess what I'm saying is... what's the message we want to send? "Look, video game music is popular too!" or "Hey, listen to this great piece of music!"

You're asking for my vote, but haven't given me a convincing reason to give it to you. If I were to take the vote seriously (and perhaps I shouldn't) and were being honest with myself, I would put hundreds and hundreds of pieces before Aerith's Theme.

Mind you, this is coming from someone who is especially enthusiastic about game music, and especially quality orchestral music which is perhaps the rarest genre of truly "quality" material from the field of VGM. Heck, a lot of my orchestral picks from VGM that really do belong on a list like this (or at least deserve a nod) wouldn't even qualify because they're not performed live.
Speaking as someone who loves classical music, VGM, and Aerith's Theme, I agree with this. There are many things by Uematsu I like more, to say nothing of the composers Jormungand mentioned.

I'll even go out of my way to say that I really don't like Classical FM all that much. These lists tend towards the more popular and less interesting side of classical music, including so-called classical crossover, and I don't put any stock in them whatsoever.

In more detail, I think that video game scores and movie scores are more interesting taken as a whole, with the various tracks complementing each other, rather than as a selection of individual tracks. I know this puts me at odds with most of my generation, and Classical FM is more of a "greatest hits" kind of thing, which interests me a lot less.

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