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This is just a random question, but I was thinking about it quite a while and I'm not sure if there's an interview or sort of about this, but why are Uematsu's songs arranged by someone else in the recent years, starting from the time he left Square Enix back then I think. I mean the original music he composed, for example for projects like Blue Dragon, Lost Odyssey, Fantasy Life, Final Fantasy XIV, Granblue Fantasy etc.

I've been a fan of Uematsu since my childhood and his Final Fantasy melodies are one of the world's most known in the video game industry, but I always felt his arrangements were kinda lackluster back in the days of Final Fantasy X, XI etc. Especially with some unfitting samples or awkward synth, which made them sounds really ... MIDI-ish. I could be Minoru Akao's fault as sound programmer as well, who worked on most of Square's games in these days, but I'm not familiar with this behind-the-scenes stuff to be honest.

I just would be interesting to know why Uematsu decided to let his work be arranged by others (Satoshi Henmi / Hiroyuki Nakayama for Blue Dragon/Lost Odyssey, Itsuki Iwasa for Fantasy Life / Granblue Fantasy, or mostly recently Tsutomu Narita) and why excactly these people were chosen for their part.
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