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Originally Posted by Mac_Tear View Post
I'm not sure if there's an interview or sort of about this, but why are Uematsu's songs arranged by someone else in the recent years, starting from the time he left Square Enix back then I think.
I distinctly remember Uematsu mentioning this in an interview some years ago. He said something along the lines of "I don't have any interest in the arranging part" or "arranging is a pain so I leave it to others". I don't remember the exact words, but I do remember his dislike or disinterest towards arranging and just wanting to do composition.

I remember it well because it was an aha moment for me. It makes so much sense for a person who just wants to compose without thinking too much about arranging/instrumentation/mixing. I can relate a little, because I used to make music in middle & high school, but eventually stopped because the more I tried to polish my tracks' arranging/instrumentation/mixing (a never-ending process!), the more I lost interest in making music.

Sadly I don't remember where the interview was. I've seen Uematsu several times at concerts and events, so it might have been at one of those occasions.
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