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Originally Posted by Mac_Tear View Post
As for the statements, it's pretty interesting indeed he had such bad memories of "Grand Finale". While it isn't one of my favorite orchestral arrangement albums of that period, it definitely isn't bad. But maybe Uematsu just hadn't enough personal input at that time where his career began, and so he wasn't satisfied.
The thing is, as an artist, he obviously has a very precise vision of what he wants to achieve. And he wrote in the booklet that Grand Finale smashed his vision of FFVI's music into pieces. But it was not so long after the start of his career, and Shiro Sagisu was already a famous composer and arranger, so he probably didn't dare to assert his individuality.

Besides, the recording sessions in Milan were quite a disaster as well. The Japanese conductor who came with them didn't manage to get the orchestra's attention and respect and had a nervous breakdown, so much that one of the Italian musicians had to take over. So they pretty much recorded everything on their own, and Uematsu couldn't give his input. When he came back from Italy, he was so disappointed that he wanted to cancel the release of the album. He has never listened to it again since then.
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