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Default About titles (Animex, Ongakushuu, Kyokushuu…)

I open a thread about questions I have, and rules about titles. Anisonfan did a lot of edits about albums titles recently, and these edits make me react.
So Anisonfan, I have nothing against you, but it's good to talk about it with other members on the forum.

I notice you have added "Animex 1200" (and also Animex 1300, Animex 1200 Special…) in the display title for all the albums of this collection, but I think it’s really a bad idea.
"Animex 1200" is just the name of the collection and doesn’t appear on the first print, and also doesn’t appear on the cover, just on the obi. It would be better to put "Animex 1200" on the third line. Same thing for "Animex 1300" and "Animex 1200 Special".

In order to give another example, we have the collection "Columbia Sound Treasure Series" and it’s written on the third line, not on the display title:

Now in my collection all the albums "Animex 1200" are together, I don’t like that, I prefer to have the albums in alphabetical order.

What do the staff and other members think about that?

Examples of edited albums :

Anisonfan you have also changed the translation of "ヒット曲集/Hit Kyoskushuu" by "Hit Collection" instead "Hit Song Collection" for all the albums. I'm not saying it's necessarily bad, but I always saw "Hit Song Collection" for the translation. I've always heard of albums named "Dragon Ball Z Hit Song Collection":

Then you put "Ongakushuu" on the first line for all the albums with "音楽集" in the title:

But personally I understood that we translated by "Music Collection" on the 1st line according to the guidelines, and that we put "Ongakushuu" on the 3rd line (the romanized line).
And on the contrary you put "Hit Collection" in 1st line and "Hit Kyokushuu" in 3rd line.

There is no logic. We have to agree on a well-established rule, either put "Ongakushuu" and "Kyokushuu" in the first line, or it’s "Music Collection" and "Hit (Song) Collection" first.
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